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The Dairy House – Lincoln, NE


This facility is an old milk production complex including 9 defined buildings encompassing most of a city block.  Phase 1 work included the renovation of the two buildings on the northwest corner of the block.  Building ‘E’ is a five story structure approximately 13,500 sf in plan. 

It utilizes unreinforced brick masonry bearing walls and a combination of steel, heavy timber and concrete pan-joist construction.  A significant portion of Building ‘E’ included a large two-story volume originally used for ice storage.  The space has been renovated into equipment manufacturing for the building owner.  Building ‘F’ has a plan area of approximately 6,500 sf and is a two-story masonry, steel and wood structure.  This has been repurposed to office support for the manufacturing processes.


Key structural design items on these buildings included the introduction of stairs and an elevator for vertical circulation in Building ‘E’, as well as the removal and replacement of deteriorated portions of the first floor framing in Building ‘F’.

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