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Civic Plaza

The Civic Plaza located in downtown Lincoln, NE is an interactive community space designed around the art of Mr. Jun Keneko. The focal point of the space is the lighted glass tower at the design center. A circular pattern radiates from this point and includes decorative walls and a stage area.  The plaza is used for performances, outdoor markets, parties and informal gatherings.  


Our role in the project was to design the stage and pavilion structures, as well as the decorative site walls. Most importantly, R. O. Youker, Inc. provided the tower foundation design and was the Engineer of Record for the tower structure.  Associated with the Plaza, and as a separate project, we also designed the structure for the adjacent covered outside dining area for an adjacent restaurant.



Artist: Jun Keneko

Architect: Sinclair Hille Architects

 Date Completed: 

 Location: Lincoln, NE

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